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DOGGIE DAYCARE:  Socialization is the key to a well mannered and well behaved pup, only after good obedience.  Is your pup misbehaving cuz he in a crate or alone all day?  Do you wish you had more time for your dog?  Feel a little guilty because your working all the time and he really should get out side for more exercise?  Bring him here for day care!  We assure you, we will not only send your pup home tired, he'll be whipped the next day as well!!   We have a large daycare following.  We have a qualified staff that does not walk around with water bottles spraying dogs because they are fearful or misbehave.  We address the problem and keep a happy well rounded group.  We have plenty of room inside and outside of the building.  There are large and small dog groups, high energy and mellow groups.  Bring your buddy in to join the fun!!  One day is $17, and every 11th day is free!  Also get FREE daycare with a  bath and nail clip. You can drop off as early as 7:30AM and pick up as late as 6:00. Call for more details. 

Please check out our boarding page for basic care.
We offer different extra activities designed to meet your dog's needs while in our care.

Walk:       $6.50 per walk, $9.00 for 2 dogs together
We love the outdoors! If your dog also loves to go for a walk and sniff around in the bushes, then this is the perfect activity for him/her. We offer 15 to 20 minute leashed walks on a beautiful country road surrounded by woods and no traffic. We are equipped with super long extension leashes for more fun and freedom, collars, as well as harnesses for those special strong pullers. We provide the dog walkers with safety chains to secure the dog to them in order to minimize any accidents while off premises. You can sign your dog up for this fun and invigorating activity as many times as you like and you can be sure your friend will absolutely love it.

One on One time with Staff:    $6.50  one or more dogs, same family
Please do not confuse this with the dogs playtime with each other.  .   This service is if you want one on one staff time with your dog!
Do you have a dog who loves to play ball, frisbee, soccer or just chase around the yard? If so, then your dog will love one on one staff time. We offer a one-on-one 15-20 minute play session in one of our many fenced yards with any choice of ball or toy your dog would like to play with. You can bet that after that we are both quite pooped out and ready for a much deserved break. This is a great activity for those high energy dogs who just need some extra running around. We guarantee your dog will then be happy to return to his blankie for a nap before going back out again for one of our regularly scheduled outings. What dog doesn't enjoy a belly rub, ear scratch or a good body massage? It's like being at the spa!! We offer a one-on-one 15-20 minute snuggle session which emphasizes touching and spending quality time with your dog who really misses that sort of contact while away from home. We will spend these 15-20 minutes in a nice quiet area either on a blankie or a recliner and spend this special time together to make him/her feel like this place is just as cozy as home. This is the perfect activity for those shy dogs who need some extra care, but rest assured that any and all dogs enjoy quiet time because it gives them full attention and extra time with the staff.

Special Treat:     $2.00for one, $1.50 each additional dog/ per time for hooves kongs or pig ears.
Yummy!! We have a variety of treats and cookies we give the dogs every day but if you would like to give your special friend a special treat then you can sign him/her up for a pig ear, peanut butter or cheese  filled kong or peanut butter or cheese  filled cow hoof. We offer these treats as "room service" for your dog to enjoy in the run at his/her leisure to pass a few minutes in total tasty bliss.

Daytime Daycare Fun While Boarding:   
$12.00 a day one dog
$9.00 1/2 day
1/2 the charges for an additional dog same family in any of the above.
This is doggie daycare.  Join in the fun with the regulars who come in for the day just for kicks!!  Total freedom, all day (or half a day), with friends. How does that sound? If your dog is friendly and loves to run around and play with other dogs, you might want to consider signing him/her up for our cageless/guiltless, all around fun in a big open room full of playground activities with other dogs. We offer all day fun from 8 AM to 7 PM or just half a day from 8 AM to 1 PM. Always under staff supervision, of course.
We have separate cage free areas for dogs over and under 35 pounds.. Come check out our cage free services, it's all about fun and comfort.

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