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Georgia and staff

Just thought I would drop you and your staff a note.  First I would like to thank you and your staff for all the love you have given our dog, Nugget over the years.  I would especially like to thank you for noticing Nuggets health problems and taking him to the Brockport Animal Hospitol.  Noticing simple problems with a pet and taking care of them shows that you care as much about the pets in your care as the owners do.  This is so rare today in business, and is one of the reasons we always trusted our dogs care to you and your professional staff. Thank you for being so caring and professional.

On a much sadder note I thought that you and your staff  would like to know that yesterday morning Nugget passed away from what the doctor believes was a spinal tumor.  I know that Nugget was one of your favorite little guys to take care of and I'm sure he will be as missed around your place as much as he is around ours.  The doctor believes this problem was genetic in nature and nothing could have been done to prevent this.  I wanted you and your staff to know this so you know why our little guy was no longer boarding at what we knew was his favorite place when we traveled without him.  I visited your web site today and was able to download a picture of  him from the spring of 2007.  Since he was only 7 years old we thought we would have many more years with him, and many more opportunities to photograph him.  We took very few photos of him over the years.  Some of our most treasured pictures of him were of his stays at Dog Holiday.  I wanted to let you know what happened and would also like to inquire if a copy of your commercial was somehow available.  When the Dog Holiday commercial with Nugget aired, we did not have a way to record it.  It would mean alot to me and my wife if we could somehow obtain a copy of this video.   

I know someday another four pawed little bundle of fur will find his way into our lives and into our hearts.  I know that when this happens and he needs a place to be cared for , just like home, you and your professional tsaff will be there for him.    Again I want to say thanks to you and your staff for the love and cre that you provided for Nugget over the years. 

Peter and Virginia Dixon-Domines 

Thank you so much for taking away 'mother's guilt.'  I know that Nick LOVES to come visit.  He now recognizes his 'pet' (yes pun intended) name you gave him as "Nicholas Nickelby' and responds with leaps and jumps and plenty of tail wagging!  It really makes it much easier on me knowing that he cannot wait to go 'visit and play with the puppies.'
Dianne VanAuken
West Irondequoit

Thank you so much for taking care of Buddy for me while we were on vacation. I was wonderful not to have to worry about her as I knew she was being well cared for at Dog Holiday. Also, thank you for dropping off her medication that was left behind. Everyone at Dog Holiday is so pleasant and I appreciate everything you do and Buddy and I look forward to our next vacation. 
Kathy Lanning

8/6/2006. I started boarding my three dogs (Hayden, Spanky and Raina) with Dog Holiday just this past year. I am pleased with the staff's interaction with all three of my dogs especially "Hayden". I was very cautious about boarding her as she is very timid, but when we pull into the driveway she seems to get excited. The kennels inside and out are spacious and clean. I am excited I now can go on vacation and not worry about my fur butts. Thanks again for your great service and the love you give my dogs while I'm out of town. 
Jill Ploof 

Lollypop Farm Cruelty Investigator

Georgia, I just wanted to take a brief moment to thank you for the attention and care that you and your staff have shown to Jasmine (Jazzy) our Golden Retriever over the last few years. When our family was moved from Ohio to New York thanks to my company's relocation, we became very concerned what to do with our dog when we would go back to Ohio for holidays or to visit family. Thanks to the outstanding work of you and your staff, this is now the least of our concerns. I honestly believe Jazzy is more excited to be there than she is to come home. Everyone is always more than accomodating, even when we've had to make last minute arrangements due to unforeseen circumstances. We now live in Ontario, NY, but are more than happy to make the drive knowing Jazzy will receive outstanding care in our absence. Thanks for all you do.
 Chris Duncan

When trying to find the right kennel for our dog, a one year old , we did much research. We came across Dog Holiday Kennel and we immediately called. We loved all that they offered: walks, playtime and quiet time. One of the best things that we loved is that G-man was given his own space to run around in and interact with the other dogs, and let me tell you after his stay at Dog Holiday he was ready for a long nap. The care and attention our dog gets is the best he could ever get. Thank you Dog Holiday for taking such great care of our G-man.
Molly Stearns

We board our three spoiled dogs at Dog Holiday at least 4-5 times per year. This is the only kennel that I've ever been comfortable with, they literally cannot wait to get into that door! At previous kennels, we practically had to drag them out of the car to go in, not a great way to start a vacation. We love the larger kennels so they all can stay together (just like home), and the outdoor play time. I wouldn't even consider leaving my dogs anywhere else, and actually prefer that they be at Dog Holiday versus someone coming into our home to care for them. The staff are wonderful, professional, accomodating, and best of all, loved by my dogs.
Susan Payne

My wife Donna and I have spoiled our little Peek-a-boo beyond belief. It was always a chore and a worry to try to find someone to watch our little maltese who would care like we would while we were on vacation. We now travel worry free with the belief that she is in very capable and loving hands at Dog Holiday Kennel. She is as excited as we are when we/she go on vacation now.
William F. Mihalyi

Dog Holiday Kennel has been an excellent place for my dogs. They are very excited to be here running directly from the van to the door. They do not even stop to say good-bye.
Linda Della Penna

I want to let you know that when we took our dogs to another boarding place, they did not want to go into that place. When we bring them to your place they want to come in and they enjoy the stay. At first they didn't want to come in to your place, but the second and this time they are very willing. I can tell that you guys do a great job taking care of our dogs, that's why I'm willing to let you guys post their picture on your website.
Harrison Parson
West Henrietta

Charlie-our mostly lab-is a regular at Dog Holiday Kennel. Although generally a high spirited and friendly dog, Charlie has moments when his behavior becomes challenging. For this reason we have had trouble finding a kennel that works for him. In Dog Holiday we have the perfect spot. Georgia and her staff's patience and extremely knowledgeable approach is working with Charlie-along with an excellent environment for dogs and cats means that we can leave him at Dog Holiday and enjoy our get-aways secure in the knowledge that Charlie will get first rate care and attention.
Doug and Chris Collier

Ever since Ginger's first visit to Dog Holiday, we would never consider going anywhere else. Georgia, and all the staff are absolutely wonderful. You can just tell that they love the dogs and are dedicated to giving them all the love and attention they deserve while in their care. Ginger knows when I start getting her traveling gear together that she is "going on Holiday" and she can't wait. When I turn on Wood Rd, she sits up in the seat and starts "grinning and prancing"-as if to say "hurry up, can't we go any faster?". She is so excited! She is, of course, happy to see me at the end of each stay, but she always says good bye to Georgia/Julie and gives them a kiss. Ginger and I love Dog Holiday! Thank you Staff!
Vivian Fletcher

I kennel my dogs Max and Montana at Dog Holiday Kennel and I can't say enough about the activities at this place. My dogs are not friendly with other dogs, but they still get outside and run around. At my last kennel, the dogs could be inside for a week and no one would even touch them. The staff here is wonderful. My dogs go for a walk every day. I would highly recommend them to anyone.
Kim Mastrolonardo

My vet recommended that I bring my dog to Dog Holiday and I am so glad that I did. When I visited, I was very comfortable with the girls working there. I always thought it would be really hard to leave my little Bailey, but I have no trouble at all leaving him at Dog Holiday. I have used Dog Holiday several times now and I will never go anywhere else.
Gina Hauser

Dog Holiday Kennel
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